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Design and Manufacturing of Dynamic Braking Resistor (Df8Bi)

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About Us

PAARSUN has been manufacturing power resistors since 2006. The R&D branch of the company causes a great achievement in construction technology of industrial resistors, especially in Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs). By constantly improving the quality and innovation of our products, we are able to meet our customer requirements as closely as possible. PAARSUN is quickly becoming the top source for quality power resistors. We use only the highest quality components to manufacture one of the most well engineered lines of resistors products available today. Our efficient manufacturing processes and trained personnel allow us to furnish you with quality products at highly competitive prices. PAARSUN Company is a reputable manufacturer of industrial resistor in Iran. Our area of practice covers design, manufacturing and commissioning of large neutral grounding resistors (NGR), dynamic braking resistors (DBR), resistive load banks and motor starting.
Various types of PAARSUN products according to the IEEE-32 standard have been tested and approved by the Niroo Research Institute. The PAARSUN Company is the single owner of NGR type test certificate in Iran.