Enclosure of NGR

Enclosures produced in PAARSUN Co. are specially designed and manufactured in accordance with the operating conditions and request of customer. The main features of these enclosures are as follows:

  • Production of enclosures with ingress protection up to IP55, in various dimensions, and appropriate for installation in Indoor and Outdoor conditions (by request of customer).
  • Utilization of mill galvanized, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel sheets, depending on environmental conditions.
  • Application of fully-polyester powder paint by furnace or electrostatic method with high adhesion, thickness uniformity, high mechanical durability, high temperature tolerance due to heat dissipation and UV resiliency.
  • Use of bolt and nut connections to assemble different enclosure components (ease of installation, repair and replacement of various equipment’s components, easy access to all components)
  • Use heat-resistant silicone rubber for sealing
  • Significant lightness of the enclosure while maintaining mechanical durability
  • Suitable design for heat dissipation based on thermodynamic analysis
  • Installation of stainless steel earth screws on both sides of the enclosure
  • Use durable steel conduits to protect cables and wiring of the control circuit
  • Installation of screw hooks for safe transport