Battery discharger

Nowadays, Batteries are designated as chief parts in power supply solutions in various applications such as telecommunication systems, which must provide constant and stable power in any situation. Batteries are commonly used in places where safety and security are indispensable (e.g. Hospitals, data centers, offshore oil rigs, continuous industrial processes, and emergency systems). In these places, Electrical power must be provided without any interruption, even in the event of a major fault.

In order to verify the performance of batteries, measurement of no-load voltage and impedance is not an accurate criterion. Battery discharge test using industrial resistance, before installation, commissioning or periodic inspection, is an accurate criterion to verify the performance of batteries, and accordingly, it can be determined whether it is necessary to replace the battery or not. Besides testing the batteries, repairing, storing and maintaining the operating cycle of AC to DC converters are other applications of discharging industrial batteries and capacitors.


Main advantages of utilizing Battery Discharger and Tester Resistance

  • Verify performance of the batteries
  • Quick discharge of industrial batteries and capacitors without creating arcs and damage to the equipment
  • Increase personnel safety during discharging process
  • Control over the discharge speed
  • Maintain the operating temperature of the battery during discharging process

Battery discharger data sheet

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